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Utah Jazz 2021/2022 Season
Selected projects and contributions as a designer during the Utah Jazz 21/22 Basketball season. 

- Art Direction
- Apparel Design 
- Identity Design 
- Packaging Design 
- Event Planning & Experience Design 
- Techpacking 
- Photography & Production

Utah Jazz X Warren Lotus 
The Utah Jazz collaborated with Warren Lotas to create a throwback-inspired t-shirt & hoodie. The Jazz was tasked with the promotion of the event. A poster series was designed to promote the event, as well as a directed photoshoot with Jazz player Jordan Clarkson.

Design - Daniel McKinney & Arlander Taylor IV
Photography - Skyler Nielsen

Black Experience Month
We concepted a new way of celebrating black history with “Black Experience Month”. We shifted the focus to the heroes, stories, and narratives we’re experiencing in the now. The campaign included a short film and a gallery exhibition. BXM went on to win multiple awards. I had the honor of creating the visual identity for the campaign and organizing & producing the event.

Art Direction - Arlander Taylor IV 
Design - Arlander Taylor IV & Tyler Andrews