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Medium Studio
Founder + Builder + Designer 
Medium Studio

Medium Studio is a passion project that culmanated in a physical gallery space from September 2021 to August 2022. We transformed an abandoned building into a community Artspace and Center for Culture, Creativity, and Learning. Medium now operates as a virtual space, in which we host and promote satelite events. From framing the walls to designing the visual identity and all the digital adverts, Medium Studio gave me the oppourtunity to push the limits of my creativity. Enjoy my pride, joy and lastly, a piece of me.

September 9th 2021

Work in Progress
September 9th - November 12th (Opening)

Opening onward

Jazz Night

Chess Night

All videos were shot by Eudo Quiroz and edited & composed by myself.

Special Thanks to:
    - Zachary Lassig
    - Jay Li
    - Ashley Francis  
    - Jenny Fu
    - Kalei Stroud
    - Jeff Griffin
    - Joshua Taylor
    - Rudy
    - Reggie (Little Saigon)
    - Steve
    - Eudo Quiroz
    - Corey Bolo
    + Any and everyone that gave their time, attention, love and support in anyway.